Hey there! I’m Mira Lanka, the author of this blog. I’m currently 16 years old.

For the past two years, I’ve seen artworks posted on Instagram and other platforms. I longed to take a leap of faith and share my art like those artists.

During my recent trip to Thailand, I weaved through the crowd at ArtBox Bangkok and met various artists who promoted their works on social media. Looking through their timelines inspired me to have my own start as well. I even visited the White Temple at Chiang Rai, whose artist’s humble beginnings prompted me to take action.

This explains my decision to display my art here, as well on my other social media accounts.

Background Story

Ever since I was a young girl, I enjoyed drawing. It was a way for me to express my thoughts. In times of stress, it was my center.

Perhaps it was Beatrix Potter, creator of the Tale Of Peter Rabbit, whose works I enjoyed that had a great influence.

At the age of 9, my art style started inclining towards anime style.

I also enjoy doing craft work, though I feel I have lots to improve on. Some of these crafts involved polymer clay sculpting and beading.


Recently, water painting has piqued my interest. I am currently trying out water painting.

By having this blog, I want to share with my improvement in my art style over time, as well as improving on my writing style. Please support me! Thank you! 🙂